Let’s Do It 2+2 took place on 1 May 2021 in compliance with the restrictions and the 2+2 rule.

2+2 collective action day means that we urge the people of Estonia to undertake such spring works and activities that can be done by two people or a family – whether it be gardening, housecleaning, or something else that needs to be done just now.

The focus was on:

Nature conservation for everyone…

... and the creation of a species-rich patch of meadow flowers or an insect hotel. One of the calls for this year is to recognise and support the biodiversity that surrounds us.

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Reducing food waste

... and the construction of a compost box so as to give new life to the our daily biowaste – whether it be from the kitchen or the garden.

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Caring about each other

...also known as safe conduct and mental vitamins that support both ourselves and our loved ones.

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Signed up so far


collective actions


flower meadows being formed


compost boxes being built  

Data as of 10 of May


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